Botox & Wrinkle Treatments

Dallas Skin Care Clinic and Laser Skin Center

Safe, Effective and Natural-looking

Botox® Cosmetic has been approved by the FDA for over two decades to treat moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines – including ‘frown lines’ or the glabella. The results are natural, so that you still look like you – but you will notice a smoother look, with softened lines and reduced wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.

Patients love Cassy’s friendly and calm demeanor – and feel comfortable treating in the Glo Skin office, with its spa-like, but also medical setting. Cassy consults with each patient individually, considering the unique needs of each. Before injecting, she’ll work with you to figure out the best way to achieve the results you’re looking for, and explain the procedure, after-care, cost and what to expect.

It’s a quick treatment, in fact – you can receive your Botox ® within just 15-20 minutes, even on a lunch hour! And, there’s little downtime. In fact, most patients do not experience any downtime at all, but sometimes, there is an occasional bruise or swelling that goes away within a few days, and is easily covered by makeup. And this is entirely normal for some.

You’ll start to see things ‘smoothing out’ around 48 hours to 1 week post injection. The effects can last up to four months, but with regular treatment, patients report longer-lasting results.